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The Law Offices of Timothy Sullivan is a receivables collection law firm focused on providing recovery services for consumer and commercial creditors across the country. Our office focuses on the recovery of debts in Ohio, while our national network of attorneys handles cases in all jurisdictions across the United States.

Our collections and recovery law firm has become the preferred partner for creditors across the country. We recognize the unique needs of each client and customize our services and recovery approaches to maximize the value of our clients’ delinquent receivables. We provide a full spectrum of legal services to make the collections and recovery process as easy as possible. We integrate into our clients’ technology and workflows to reduce the burden associated with distressed and charged-off accounts, allowing them to focus on their core business.

We have extensive experience in general collections and have developed expertise in many specialized credit products including credit card, auto loans, student loans, bankruptcy representation, foreclosures and other consumer and commercial credit products.

Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and account representatives provides a personalized, hands-on management style through all stages of the account lifecycle and debt collection process. We honestly and fairly pursue, resolve, and litigate accounts to provide maximum recovery rates on your delinquent accounts. Our legal team delivers results through our focus on professionalism, integrity, and compliance in every activity, every day.


Through the use of cutting-edge technology, our experienced and dedicated professional team achieves maximum results. Our team understands the nuances involved in litigation and collections, including the liquidation of assets, dispute resolution, and arbitration. We value compliance and are proud of our continuous, high scoring audit results. Our firm is a trusted partner in the Higher Education, Government, Consumer, and Commercial collections industries. Let us put our proven blend of people and technology to work for you.


Compliance with the applicable rules, laws, and regulations overseeing the collection of debt is at the heart of everything we do. As a law firm, we are held to the highest standards of debt collection and recovery and strive to continually refine our technology and processes to improve performance, compliance, and the consumer’s experience.

The Law Offices of Timothy Sullivan takes Data Security very seriously. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our technology systems meet the highest requirements for data security.


Information security is paramount at our law firm. We take the physical and electronic security of our clients’ data very seriously and implement multiple layers of technology to keep your information secure. Some of the key aspects of our security are:

  • Monitoring office entry points through employee-issued electronically controlled key card access
  • Limiting access to server and file rooms through electronically controlled key card access that is based on employment position
  • 24/7 closed circuit video cameras that monitor the inside and immediate vicinity outside of sensitive areas such as the server and file rooms, lobbies, and all entry points
  • Sign-In Log for Visitors and Chaperone policy
  • Each employee is issued an individual ID and password (which changes regularly) for access to the Network and Management Systems
  • Use of defined roles within the Management System to limit access of system and information to only those with designated roles and/or authority
  • All workstations are installed with anti-virus software
  • All workstations are regularly updated with Microsoft Security Patches
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan with designated roles for key personnel, available upon request
  • Flexible Reporting System that provides the firm with real time metrics on the industry and clients to allow full transparency during audits and case management
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